World Maritime Day Celebration in Veracruz


And the Merchant Marine Third National Congress

Veracruz, Ver., November 8th, 2012.- The Ports and Merchant Marine General Coordinator  from  the SCT, Alejandro Chacon, inaugurated here the World Maritime  Day Celebration  and the Merchant Marine Third National Congress.


In the speech, he considered that is necessary to keep strengthening the  Merchant Marine  to  integrate it into the development and the modernization process that  has been experimentating   the ports in the country.

In the say way, highlighted that is a necessity  to improve the coordination between institutions, for example , the relations with: Petroleos Mexicanos, CFE, SHyCP, as key element along with the regulatory framework update.

Mentioned the project of the Merchant Marine  Promotion Development law, “with surely will refine its last details whit  the results of this congress”.

Reminded that in the last months the law initiative  was discussed whit around 180 members of the sector, in 23 meeting regarding the station and themes six as; repairs, shipbuilding , traffic, cabotage and short distance maritime transportation, master harbor situation, along whit school and unions; petrol platforms, regulations, funding, nautical education, environment protection, health, safety and protection among others.

From the analysis and discussions in the most relevant topics we gather here today –said—with better  information and whit and unify  vision to continue promoting the Merchant Marine from their areas of influence as their  place  in the national transport system, its importance in the nation security  or the economic valve represents for the country, among the most imports.



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