Veracruz Handles More


Represents a 9.8 per cent rise

Veracruz, December 29th ,  2012.- From January until November 2012, the Port of Veracruz handled 19 million 314 thousand 77 tonnes of commercial cargo, quantity that represents a 9.8 per cent   rise in comparison whit last years.

According with the Preliminar Cargo Movement  Summary  from the Administration  Portuaria  Integral de Veracruz (Apiver)  all the goods that are handled  in this port showed  significant increases .

For example, in the vehicles (tonnes) increased 26 per cent, in agro bulk 13 per cent, containerized cargo 10.6 per cent and containers (by united) 9.2 per cent.

The number of containers handled in the Port of Veracruz in this compared period ascended to 802 thousand 848, a 21.3 per cent more that the operated in the same 11 months from last year.


Veracruz Handles More than 19 Million Tonnes  Of Commercial Cargo

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