Citizen participation



  • NAME COLLEGE: Subcommittee on Productivity and Efficiency.
  • Participantes

  • THEMES: Matters affecting the operational efficiency of the Port of Veracruz, operational issues, as the ability, availability and quality of infrastructure and facilities. With the fundamental purpose, to maintain the conditions that allow operate with efficiency and quality, analyzing existing conditions and proposing measures for immediate solution and / or tracking higher court.

  • BASIS Operating Rules Port of Veracruz. Regla 23.
  • MEETINGS HELD: SESSIONS: I-2017,,en,II-17,,en,SESSION III-2017,,es,The company SEPSA,,es,APIVER suggested to be revised catwalks,,es,because very often damaged,,es,He said that they are already reviewing and necessary repairs will be made,,es,The requested AMANAC,,es,within vessel scheduling,,es,the maneuvers to be performed in Gulf Naval Workshops are considered,,es,TNG,,vi,since there have been delays not being contemplated,,es,Meanwhile he reported that the APIVER TNG maneuvers are themselves covered in programming,,es, 10/01/17; II-17, 07/02/17; SESION III-2017, 07/03/17.


  1. La empresa SEPSA, sugirió a la APIVER se revisen las pasarelas, ya que se dañan con mucha frecuencia. the APIVER, manifestó que ya se están revisando y se harán las reparaciones necesarias. Pending.

  2. La AMANAC solicitó que, dentro de la programación de buques, se consideren las maniobras que deben realizar en Talleres Navales del Golfo (TNG), ya que se han presentado retrasos al no estar contempladas. Por su parte la APIVER informó que sí están contempladas las maniobras de TNG en la programación. Compliment.

  3. Veracruz Port Corporation (CPV), he asked maintenance to the wire mesh of the esplanades,,es,APIVER he committed to managing such maintenance with the Engineering,,es,He asked the empty lane area is signaled,,es,bordering area circulation Supermanzana,,es,will channel your request with the maintenance area,,es,for signaling is performed,,es,He said that in the Dock,,es,Punta Norte,,es,there are incomplete sections on the slab spring,,es,thus it is affecting the placement of the receiving hoppers,,es. APIVER se comprometió a gestionar dicho mantenimiento con el área de Ingeniería. Pending.

  4. Veracruz Port Corporation (CPV), solicitó se señalice el área del carril de vacíos, que colinda con el área de circulación de la Supermanzana. the APIVER, canalizará su petición con el área de mantenimiento, para que se realice la señalización. Pending.

  5. Veracruz Port Corporation (CPV), indicó que en el Muelle 4 Norte Punta, hay tramos incompletos en la losa del muelle, por lo que afecta la colocación de las tolvas receptoras, requested support to be fictionalized area,,es,He mentioned that the said request will reach the area of ​​Engineering,,es. the APIVER, mencionó que hará llegar la dicha solicitud al área de Ingeniería. Pending.

SUMMARY,es 2015