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  • NAME COLLEGE: Subcommittee on Productivity and Efficiency.
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  • THEMES: Matters affecting the operational efficiency of the Port of Veracruz, operational issues, as the ability, availability and quality of infrastructure and facilities. With the fundamental purpose, to maintain the conditions that allow operate with efficiency and quality, analyzing existing conditions and proposing measures for immediate solution and / or tracking higher court.

  • BASIS Operating Rules Port of Veracruz. Regla 23.
  • MEETINGS HELD: SESSIONS: I.2016, 12/01/16; II-16, 16/02/16; SESSION III-2016, 08/03/16; IV-2016, 12/04/16; V-2016, 10/05/16; VI-2016, 14/06/16; VII-2016, 12/07/16; VIII-2016, 09/08/16; IX-2016, 13/09/16; X-2016, 11/10/16; XI-2016, 08/11/16; XII-2016, 06/12/16.


  1. The company Cargill, He mentioned that in the Dock 8 openings have been detected in earthenware, wider than normal. the APIVER, He said that a review is carried out in zone. Compliment.

  2. Veracruz Port Corporation (CPV), he asked in relation to the change of the mesh on the Esplanade 5, and if you have provided signage and street patching, on the road that connects to the superblock. the APIVER, meanwhile he informed him, what, in relation to the mesh, still you do not have an exact date, but it is within the Maintenance Program. as to the signaling it will check with the Engineering. Compliment.

  3. Integral Foreign Trade Corporation (CICE), if it has requested date of completion of construction at Pier 7. Meanwhile the Port Authority, He reported that is likely to be completed by mid-March 2016. Compliment.

  4. CICE, He reported that some areas have been detected with potholes. The Port Authority, meanwhile he asked a photographic exhibition of the same, to request the repair area Engineering. Compliment.

  5. CICE, requested information on the bathymetry. the APIVER, He reported that the bathymetry and is in the process of signing and will meet with the Port, This is expected later in the next Operations Committee. Pending.

  6. the AMANAC, requested consultation with Customs, the possibility that the crew module Fidel Velazquez reopens. the APIVER, He said that the Operations Committee will be uploaded, point, for due attention Customs. Compliment.

  7. The Association of Port Terminals (ATEPV), information requested crushing cost of wood. the APIVER, will follow up the request and send the circular to stakeholders. Pending.

  8. Veracruz Port Corporation, (CPV), he mentioned that the road in front of their facilities where it intersects with the superblock and road tax, when there is too much traffic, traversing trailers, blocking the road, requested signs be installed to prevent clogging. Customs, he said referring to the previous point, that it would be appropriate, It is to impart road safety education, since there are other areas in the port are also blocked. Compliment.

  9. Vopak reported that have been rejected 2 tank cars, by Customs, contain residues of vegetable oil and requested advice, to know needs to be done, since such waste can not be removed from the unit. Customs, meanwhile made mention that approach them, to analyze the situation and resolve. Compliment.

  10. Integral Foreign Trade Corporation (CICE), asked the new bathymetry are reported. the APIVER, He said not yet have them, once obtained they will be delivered to harbourmaster, for new drafts issued. Pending.

  11. Integral Foreign Trade Corporation (CICE) the year celestial, They mentioned that they have detected subsidence in their areas, and request support, to be repaired. the APIVER, for his part he told them, it will inform the Department of Engineering, to be solved the problem. Compliment.

  12. AMANAC, He reported continuing problems in income and output equipment by FERROSUR, the most obvious last week. Ferrosur, meanwhile he mentioned, During last week were a period of staff turnover, by liquidations and disabilities, but already it is training new staff and expect, during week, the situation is regularized. Compliment.

  13. Veracruz Port Corporation (CPV), requested change of lights in the Supermanzana as these do not work. The APIVER reported that it has a maintenance program is being implemented, sin embargo, in some areas, It has not been able to replace them because the area is busy or in operation, therefore requested CPV facilities for replacement. Pending.

  14. IN, Mexico requested that he give solution to the problem that causes the wire rod leaving on the roads Ferrosur, and he requested to be removed, to avoid damage to automotive units. Ferrosur meanwhile said that when they removed it possible. The APIVER asked to see Ferrosur which way the rod is removed outside the enclosure, and also remove the wire that is currently in roads with wood and strip. Pending.

  15. the APIVER, Customs requested support, so that trucks vacate rubble, product repairs being carried out, do it for the empty lane, since by lanes filled it is slower. Customs, He stated that analyze the application. Compliment.

  16. The Association of Terminals and Port Companies (ATEPV), APIVER reiterated to the meeting request, to address the issue of railway windows. The requested APIVER (ATEPV), first the issue be reviewed with partners. Pending.

  17. Integral Foreign Trade Corporation (CICE), She requested on the entry of intermodal, as indicated her not entered Sunday, because they were not authorized by Customs. Ferrosur reported that intermodal is entering the last two Sundays. Cumplico.

  18. The Association of Terminals and Port Companies (ATEPV), He asked them to convey Guideline Ferroviario. The Port Authority, reported that in preparation, and waiting for the Planning Department will deliver them. Pending.

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