On this page you will find all the information you need to enter the SYSTEM CALT CALT and make your traffic operations within the port area,,es,CALT objectives System,,es,CALT SYSTEM,,es,CALT system,,es,High process information in the CALT Motor Carrier System,,es,The carrier records information on drivers and transport in the CALT System,,es,Original documentation,,es,required for enumeration,,es, as well as you can know the services that has the CALT for you to support your operations.The following types of traffic within the port area are resolved through the ATP system: those that require income from trucking to the port for loading and/or unloading, and that originate within any of the controlled enclosures for merchandise transfers.Objetivos del Sistema CALT

– Allow automated access without rows in the CALT.

– Simplify the operations of land transport within the port facilities.

– Expedite the receipt and dispatch of goods leading to optimal use of resources.


Enter here: SISTEMA CALTPortal de CALT
Registration units,,es,Driver Register,,es

Registro de conductores

Carriers -Registration process

Proceso de alta de informaci贸n del autotransporte en el Sistema CALT Step 1 – El transportista registra la informaci贸n de los choferes y sus transportes en el Sistema CALT.
Step 2 – A validation collating the original documentation against the previously captured information is performed.
Step 3 – Gives registered to the carrier.
Documentaci贸n original
requerida para el empadronamiento
by chauffeur – Drivers license

by truck – Circulation card
– The insurance policy


In this section you will find information and tools relating to the transfer of folios to CALT System,,es,Presentation and CALT CALT Operating System,,es, Presentaci贸n sobre la captura de folios y alta masiva en Excel, Presentaci贸n sobre Funcionamiento del CALT y Sistema CALT PresentationDocumento

Necessary documentation

For registration of companies:
– High before the Ministry of finance and public credit.
– Federal taxpayers registration (RFC).
– Comprobante de domicilio.

Para transportes de carga general suelta o contenerizada:
– Circulation card.
– Current unit or Charter insurance policy coverage with annex to unit ratio(ES) insured(s), o Fideicomiso con oficio de autorizaci贸n de la Secretar铆a de Comunicaciones y Transportes.

Para transportes de carga peligrosa general suelta o contenerizada:
– Card circulation authorized by the Secretariat of communications and transport, para el transporte de carga peligrosa.

Para operadores:
– License current federal "B" (trailer, torton or rabon, load general), Type "C" (torton and rabones, load general).
– Numero de afiliaci贸n al Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social.

Para operadores que transporten carga peligrosa:
– License current federal type "B, E"or"E"

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