TRAVEL UMA NURSERY pupils of the kindergarten "Macuilxóchitl"


Veracruz, See. 09 February of the 2015.- "Macuilxochitl kindergarten students" located in the colonia Vicente Lombardo Toledano of this municipality conducted a guided tour and a tour of the environmental management unit (UMA) Low nursery shelter API Veracruz.

The objective of this visit was to enrich the institutional project Orchard school developed in its platel with the involvement of parents to allow students to learn the process of seeding and development of plants and edible fruits.

API Veracruz has under its shelter three environmental management units (UMAs): "Punta Gorda", "Miguel Ángel de Quevedo” and "nursery” on a total surface of 71 hectares for the conservation of diverse plant and animal species.

Also,engineer Martin Castle Calipa, Manager General of the Commission national forest (Conafor) in Veracruz, He made a tour of the three units of environmental management.

It received an explanation of the functions of conservation, propagation of species and flora and fauna reserve, as well as the works of environmental education and training which this entity.

Conafor official, He agreed to join forces with the API Veracruz to enhance environmental education actions, training, environmental services, rescue and fostering of native flora species.

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