Veracruz, See. 17 October 2016-The General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine, Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, presidió la ceremonia de reconocimientos al personal que participó durante el combate y extinción del incendio del buque-tanque Burgos de PEMEX los días 24 and 25 September.

En el evento, held at the Center for Rescue and Fire Fighting of Veracruz Port Authority,es (APIVER), said that in this intense day 39 hours of fighting against incident, there was no oil spill affecting the environment and added that in this regard there is an analysis made by PROFEPA that ruled the non-involvement of the ecological environment.

Teresa Ruiz stressed that it was the joint work, coordinated between the orders of government, port authorities and even fishermen in the region who acted selflessly in these works which allowed the event did not happen to older and therefore, It never actually represented a risk to people since the incident was always under control.

They recognized the value of company personnel Trailers and Veracruz Lanchajes (REYLAV is), Saams Trailers, Marine driving, staff PEMEX tower and tugs, personnel APIVER, Navy Mexico, staff Merchant Marine and Port Captaincy, as well as individuals and fishermen Rescuers.

They were in the presidium: Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carbajal, CEO of APIVER; Admiral C.G. D.E.M. Luis Gerardo Alcalá Ferráez, Chief of the General Staff of the Navy; Vicelamirante C.G D.E.M. Jose Antonio Ortiz Guarneros, Chief of the General Staff of the First Naval Region; Ramón Poo Gil, mayor of Veracruz; Diego Cobo Terrazas, Profepa federal delegate in the state; Julio Cesar Reyes Alcázar, PEMEX manager Marina and Yolanda Gutiérrez Carlín, representing the State Government.





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