Veracruz, View.- 25 in January of 2017- Work on the construction of the New Port of Veracruz recorded significant progress in its first stage, with an investment 31 billion pesos, the largest in the last hundred years in infrastructure.

In the rail beltway to Santa Fe it has a physical progress of 77 per cent. To date they have invested more than 660 million pesos. The project will increase the port's competitiveness and expand the railway infrastructure and its connection to the center and north of the country.

Logistical Activities Zone (ZAL) It is intended to enable a surface 201.85 hectares, including roadways, green areas and intermodal area, which will operate under the scheme of strategic fiscal area and increase the port's competitiveness by reducing transport costs and improve logistics operations.

Also, It has a reef protection system whose physical progress is 90 percent and an investment until almost 31 million pesos. As part of the environmental program, the entity carries out containment deposits in areas of work based on sediment anti-scatter grids to safeguard the integrity of the surrounding reefs.

As well, the rescue and relocation is carried over 48 thousand coral colonies and marine organisms in the area of ​​influence of the work of the new port, with a higher survival rate proven to 95 percent making this, the largest and most successful rescue on record worldwide.

It is currently in phase monitoring of species relocated. The breakwater west, where they invest thousand 769 million pesos, presents 77.50 percent of physical progress, and it consists of four thousand 245 meters, work to be completed give shelter and protection to berths or wharves.

dredging, which he began last November, It has a feed 92 per cent, so that the work is carried out as scheduled.

As for reforestation, the Integral port administration of Veracruz (APIVER) He has planted more than 46 thousand 500 plants in the area of ​​logistics activities (ZAL), as well as the chafing of Environmental Management Unit (UMA) Punta Gorda. They have also been donated and planted more than two million plants in the area of ​​influence of the port, from the UMA "Vivero Miguel Ángel de Quevedo".








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