RECEIVE port of VERACRUZ visit of the Commander of the Sixth Military Region


Veracruz, View.- 19 from February 2015.-the Administracion Portuaria Integral de Veracruz (APIVER), It was visited by General of Division qualified staff, Martin lamb Luqueño, Commander of the 6th Military Region.

Also, to the General of Brigada DEM, Arturo Cordero Gomez, Commander of the 26 Military zone based in El Lencero; to the Colonel's Infantería DEM, Emilio Ramiro Porras Velazco, Commander of the 83 The second captain of artillery and infantry battalion, Hector San Martin Bustos Prieto.

The heads of the Mexican army, they met to detail the processes of security which implements the port of Veracruz, as well as some logistical methods for fast and effective movement of goods.

The engineer Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carbajal, Director-General of the APIVER, He explained to them that Veracruz is a safe port derived from measures to implement the international code for the protection of ships and port facilities (ISPS).

He said that Veracruz is the only port with x rays teams to scan moving containers which are handled by rail and Gamma Ray for the revision of the 100 percent of the goods that enter or leave the port.

He added that daily entering the port area an average of 5,000 users, 600 private vehicles and transport logistic center (CALT) has a standard of 14 thousand operators and seven thousand heavy units of the Federal public transportation.

To guarantee security to the interior of the port area is in operation 24 hours a day closed-circuit TV with high definition cameras, turnstiles, Archway metal detectors, Rays x tables, patrols and security elements, He added.

In support of navigation Veracruz operates one of the most modern centers of Control of maritime traffic in the country that annually serves approximately thousand 800 boats and have been in the past five years 20 thousand maritime operations without registration of accidents.

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