Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine, the Directorate General of Promotion and Port Administration and the Integral Port Administration, Promote the National Port System, by meeting the needs of our customers in a context of employment equality, preservation of the environment and health and safety at work, leading to continuous improvement and contribute to building strong relationships with the business and its employees; always seeking to reduce the risks of safety and health at work and environmental, as well as comply with applicable law.

General Coordinator of ports and merchant marine
Review 06 15/12/2015

Quality and Environmental Objectives:

  1. Obtain and / or maintain certification Clean Industry or Environmental Compliance Port
  2. Making the transferees and service companies implement measures to prevent pollution and environmental preservation.
  3. Working under a comprehensive concept of paperless port by increasing the use of Information Technology and Communications, to optimize and sustain processes
  4. Keep customer satisfaction in the process,es.
  5. Certify Management System Safety and Health at Work, Bajo la Norma NMX-SAST-001-MNC-2008 (OHSAS 18001:2007).

Objectives Safety and Health at Work multisite:

  1. Minimize hazards and risks of OSH in workplaces and public areas administered by API.
  2. Reduce unsafe conditions in the workplace and common areas managed by API.