On June 1st of 1991, with the seizure of port unions federal government operations, since maintaining a monopoly in the maneuvers of loading and unloading of goods, It began to take shape the success of the Integral port administration of Veracruz S.A. de C.V. (APIVER).

The Secretariat of communications and transport (SCT) It took the administrative and operational control of the main port of the country, door entry and exit to imports and exports towards Europe, the South of the United States and South America.

Soon he began to notice a radical change in the port of Veracruz to substantially improve the safety inside the port compound and an efficient management of operations.

The first August of the same year, they initiate activities the first maneuvers companies, generating the benefit of free competition, the development and improvement of services.

Finally the 19 July of 1993 It was published in the official journal of the Federation, previous consensus in the Congress of the Union, the ports act in order to regulate the marine terminals and port facilities, its construction, use, use, exploitation, operation and other forms of management, as well as port services.

With a new law on ports is the figure of the integral port administrations created (APIs) and the first of February of 1994 born the Integral port administration of Veracruz, S.A. de C.V.


According to the law of ports, the APIVER was established as a Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable. The Federal Government granted a concession for a period of 50 years, extendable to others 50 years.

The APIVER acquired powers to manage the port area, operate the terminals, facilities and services through third-party contracts of partial transfer of rights, by means of public tenders and contracts based on the title of award, of the master program of development and other regulatory provisions.

In 1994, When the APIVER took control of the port, they mobilized 6.9 millions of tons of cargo; the year 2012 the port of Veracruz mobilized more than 22 million tons as an example of the growth and productivity achieved as a result of creation of the APIVER.


  • APIVER is a commercial company
  • Pay a compensation and taxes to the Federal Government
  • Operates with utilities
  • It maintains a range of operational and financial management
  • Build new infrastructure projects with its own resources to meet the demand for services
  • Operates through a system of competition and synergy with other ports.