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Welcome to the great port of Mexico

Dear friends:

Veracruz is, and will continue to be, the commercial port safe and most important of Mexico. A port where work with respect and care for the environment, technological development and standardization of processes that support it as the best option for foreign trade, i.e., It has competitive advantages to ensure that your cargo will reach the final destination at scheduled times.

Because of its strategic geographic location, but above all, for the quality of its services, the port of Veracruz has become, for many years, at the main gate of Mexico trade and they have tested it with thousands of customers around the world.

Account with a modern service infrastructure that ranks it as a national leader in the movement of bulk agricultural, cars and containers in the Gulf of Mexico; your custom is the first maritime Customs of Mexico by the value of its goods and the second by the total volume of cargo, but it is also the only one in the country with review of their goods through Gamma ray equipment, X-rays and control access and CCTV cameras.

As you can notice it, Veracruz is a port of challenges. In its Outlook to the future moves in the works of enlargement towards the area known as Bay of Vergara, which ensures sustainable growth of one of the most competitive of the Mexican foreign trade to maintain its position as the great port of Mexico.