Program annual operating

In terms of the regulations in the field of ports, corresponds to port administrators plan, Schedule and execute the necessary actions for the promotion, operation and development of the port, or group of them and terminals, in order to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness. To do this, port administrators must hold a master port development program (PMDP).

The annual operating programme (POA), It is the instrument used to carry out the comprehensive federal port authorities annual programming (API), in which the actions are considered to continue to: to comply with the objectives, strategies, goals and other obligations established in the PMDP and granting of title; meet the commitments of productivity than, for the year in question, APIs are proposed to reach directly or through third parties with which they have concluded contracts; the promotion, operation and development of the port, or group of them and terminals; and serve administrative and policy aspects, social and environmental.

The content determined for the elaboration of the POA consists in general terms, a review of the situation of the port, as well as advances in the fulfilment of the objectives established in the PMDP, and the challenges they are facing; based on this information, are requesting the API set, its annual projections with respect to commitments of productivity, financial growth, development of the port in general and administrative, and finally, the determination of projects and specific actions that will be to give effect to the objectives and strategic goals of the PMDP.

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