Veracruz, Ver.-June 16 2016.- The CEO of the Port Authority of Veracruz (Apiver), Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carbajal, He reported that the work of expansion of the port of Veracruz will open in this presidential term.

As part of the inauguration of the forum "Marine Building" organized by the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC), delegation Veracruz, He reiterated that it is the most ambitious work of this federal administration and are committed to inaugurate in June year 2018.

He said that resources are flowing normally: in the first half of this year they were invested thousand 200 million pesos for the second half is projected an investment of one 400 million.

Currently the jetty or breakwater Poniente takes 1.6 kilometer in construction of the 4.2 kilometers which will in full and in the second half of this year auctioned the first terminals, said.

They participated in the event: the national president of the Cmic, Gustavo Arballo Lujan; Grajales Felix Montiel, chairman of the steering committee of the local Cmic and Pedro Aguilar Pizarro, President of the Local Delegation of the Cmic, among others.

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