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Veracruz manages more than 22 Million Tons

Veracruz, View., 16 January of the 2013.- Durante el año 2012, Veracruz Port totaled movement 22 million 441 thousand 510 tons, including the movement of oil and its derivatives, to break new record.

As for the commercial load, this is, without oil,& Nbsp; the cumulative movement from January to December of the year 2012, She amounted to 21 six thousand 720 million & nbsp; tons,  un 8.6 percent higher movement recorded in the year 2011.

The number of ships served during 2012, & nbsp; including the Pemex totaled thousand 918, including two cruise ships docked in the months of October and December.

All & nbsp; commercial cargo segments operated in 2012 the Port of Veracruz showed increases, for example, motor vehicles grew 23 per cent, manejándose  875 thousand units;& Nbsp; containerized cargo grew 11 per cent, with management 800 thousand TEUs and agricultural bulk seven percent & nbsp; six millions 844 mil toneladas.

Note that the Port of Veracruz & nbsp; She handled in the year 2009, un total de 16 million 25 mil  443 tons of commercial cargo, compared to 21 six thousand million 720 tonnes the year 2012, representing an increase of 31 percent in the last four years.

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