Quality mark guarantees competitiveness and efficiency in ports: Oscar de Buen


In addition to the construction and modernisation of the infrastructure, the competitiveness of the ports is determined by the efficiency in its operations and the quality of the services, said the Undersecretary of infrastructure of the SCT, engineer Oscar's good Richkarkay.

In his speech at the national launch of the project "quality mark" in the main ports of the country –held last 22 in the city of Mexico-current– He stressed that this project aims to ensure standards of quality in the services provided to ships and cargo arriving in the Mexican ports.

Also, added, It seeks to contribute in a decisive way to improve the condition of the different actors involved in the transport of goods, Since a boat up to the port until the load is delivered to the end user, making more efficient the transportation logistics chain.

He said that for the SCT is so important that it was decided to present it at the national level with the presence of the different authorities involved in port activity to send a clear signal that this is a key project for the Federal Government.

He said that if well the Secretariat has done much in port works and roads that connect better to the ports, It is essential to also focus its efforts so that the processes and activities are more efficient in order to consolidate to Mexico as a logistics platform at the international level.

He pointed out that a good coordination between authorities go hand in good coordination and commitment of the private sector involved in the maritime port, "this is why we invite them to participate in a way decided with the primary objective to our modern and competitive ports".

He reiterated that it is the combination of efforts of lines shipping, customs brokers, port terminals, maneuvers, pilots, tug boats, railways, trucking and federal and State authorities, among other players, so the challenge is huge and the work of coordination will be intense.

We are confident that with your support and participation to achieve a successful implementation of the quality mark in the major commercial ports of Mexico, for the benefit of foreign trade and the competitiveness of our country, He said the Undersecretary of the SCT.

Marca de Calidad garantiza competitividad y eficiencia en puertos

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