Medi-Port port without papers


It consolidates to Veracruz as paperless port

Veracruz, View., 02 January of the 2013.- Through the Medi-Port "Port on your office" system, the Integral port administration of Veracruz,It consolidates the main tool of simplification of procedures and saving paper in the ports of Mexico.

Medi-Port is the tool that involves all actors involved in the process of entry and clearance of vessels, related services and port services, directed to entities such as the Office of Veracruz, for the simplification of the administrative tasks, the control of entrance and exit of suppliers.

APIVER works in generating benefits to your port community with the implementation of cutting edge systems and technology to support and improve services.

Since year 2008 Medi-Port was underpinned as a tool for the policy of zero papers and the first to use electronic signatures;Since its implementation to date procedures have increased in this way,generating every year significant savings in costs and time, especially for those companies that do not have offices in Veracruz.

Medi-Port initially prosecuted three thousand 200 electronic documents and in the year that has just ended (2012)reached 160 thousand documents processed by this tool generating benefits for all who participate in the tasks of import and export of goods by this port terminal.


Consolida a Veracruz como puerto sin papeles

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