Mechanisms of citizen participation

Mechanisms of citizen participation are in the Government forms that facilitate their interaction with society, According to the public interest.

Some forms of citizen participation are:

  1. Consultation citizenship and/or perception studies (If you apply)
  2. The access to the information.
  3. Advisory Councils or citizens.
  4. Spaces for dialogue and consultation
  5. Citizen observation.
  6. Social monitoring.
  7. Public funding to projects proposed by stakeholders.
  8. Processes or sub-processes shared Government-society.


Consultation citizenship and/or perception studies (If you apply)

  • Studies of perceptions"is the mechanism of citizen participation in the entity.
  • This mechanism consists of the collection of opinion and valuation that makes society or interest group through different means such as survey or directed interviews of a specific topic.
  • Interest groups can participate, direct or indirect users of the services provided by the port as well as the community in general.
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