Over the years the institutions that make up the Federal public administration have developed advances in modernization and innovation reflected in the improvement of their processes, structures and services; However it is likely to not identify those practices that develop adequate and effectively, and not document them.

There is much valuable knowledge in people and in the areas which can be transmitted to other institutions to reduce the learning curve time; so it seeks to promote the transformation of the operation of instrumentalities and entities through innovation, the transfer of knowledge and best practices.

"Innovation is the responsibility of any organization and to be a global phenomenon, It is no longer an option for the Mexican Federal Government but a necessity", the society does not stop and is continuously looking for new forms of operation and interaction inside and outside; los Servidores Públicos debemos reconocer la importancia de responder a estas necesidades con una mayor efectividad y eficiencia; so creativity, collaborative work and innovation to the inside of the public institutions are accessible means to achieve it.

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Acta de Instalación de la “Red Interna Virtual de Innovación” (RIVI).