He began rehabilitation of the third stage of the avenida Rafael Cuervo


Invest Apiver 8 million pesos

Veracruz, View., 10 December of the 2012.- The Director General of the administration port Integral de Veracruz, Juan Ignacio Fernández Carbajal and Municipal President, Carolina Gudino Corro, gave the checkered flag to start the rehabilitation of the third stage of the Avenue 'Rafael Cuervo'.

The work consists of the removal of the upper part of the existing bad asphalt in 1.2 km, to place a layer of hydraulic concrete commonly called "whitetopping".

In these works the API Veracruz goes around 8 millions of pesos to continue collaborating with the development of the city.

The avenida Rafael Cuervo or coast is one of most important routes that connect the city centre with residential nuclei of the North, Therefore, it was urgent to complete their rehabilitation in order to ensure a proper vehicular traffic at the main entrance to the city.


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