Veracruz, See. 23 November of 2016.- Desde el puerto de Veracruz se inició el traslado hacia la zona metropolitana de Guadalajara por vía terrestre del tren de la Línea 3 que recorrerá una distancia de 20.9 kilometers long and will mobilize more than 200 thousand passengers each day.

After 3 week cruise from the port of Tarragona in Spain, Mexico arrived at the first of the 18 integrated Line trains 3 Guadalajara Light Rail.

From Alstom plant in Mogoda (Barcelona), Metropolis model train arrived at the port of Veracruz, where he landed to be taken by the European company GEODIS, platforms that will take you by land to the state of Jalisco in a journey of more than 900 km.

The train consists of three cars, constructed in a 96% recycled materials and clean, modern design and latest technology in traction and braking, reducing energy consumption.

With this type of units, Mexico demonstrates their interest and commitment to a massive friendly transportation environment and high-tech.

The line 3 Guadalajara comprises 20.9 kilometers long and will serve the cities of Zapopan, Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque. In the first years of operation will mobilize around 230 thousand passengers daily on a tour of 33 minutes.

In the coming months will be mailed 17 remaining trains, also with three cars each, all with video surveillance systems, radiocomunication, areas for people with disabilities, air conditioning and an automatic system Based Train Control Communications (CBTC), to regulate the conduct and communication to the control center equipment.

Logistics transportation of trains by land and sea borne by the company GEODIS, transport operating company number one in Europe and a global network of over 120 countries.

GEODIS will transport each train 91 tons from Alstom factory in Barcelona, to Mexico.

Based on its extensive experience in transportation of rolling stock, The Group has also developed a set of loading and transport processes that enable a reliable and competitive supply.

The Metropolis model that will be used in Guadalajara, It has been implemented in cities like Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Barcelona, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Panama and Santiago, entre otras.








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