Maritime Traffic Control Center

The port of Veracruz, Hydrographic characteristics it presents risks for maritime navigation. Its negative effects can be the loss of human life, the environment pollution and the loss of tangible property.

The Administracion Portuaria Integral de Veracruz, S.A. de C.V. you installed the Centre of maritime traffic of Veracruz who is responsible for monitoring, control, assist navigation and provide relevant information to merchant vessels in its area of influence, to increase the safety of human life at sea, the safety to navigation and to help to protect the marine environment and adjacent coastal zone.

Maritime Traffic Control Center serves as an auxiliary of the port captain's Office to monitor compliance with local and international regulations on maritime matters as well as in case of emergencies, Search, rescue and relief vessels to coordinate communications between stakeholders.

For their operation has qualified professional staff (Captains of the National Merchant Navy) and teams that make up different systems:

  • Detection system.- Consisting of X-band radars and band S and automatic identification system (SIA).
  • Data processing system.- Specialized hardware and software that processes information detection system and presents it in screen.
  • Communications system.- Comprised of maritime band VHF DSC radios.
  • Weather system.- Comprised of speed sensors, gusts and wind direction, temperature, relative humidity % and atmospheric pressure.

Contact details:

Maritime Traffic Control Center
Integral de Veracruz port administration, S.A. de C.V.
AV. No Merchant Navy. 210 top floor
Col. Center; CP 91700
Veracruz, See. , Mexico
Tel: +52 (229) 9232190
VHF marine channels band 10 and 16
MMSI: 003450310