STRENGTHENS environmental APIVER education in primary schools


Veracruz, See. 05 December of 2014.- Students of the primary school "Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez” in this city they visited "vivero" environmental management unit” Miguel Angel de Quevedo in charge of the APIVER.

The aim of this visit to the nursery of the Integral port administration of Veracruz from 17 first graders, those who were accompanied from teachers and family members, It was to strengthen the exploration of nature subject field contents.

So far this year, 26 primary and secondary schools in the municipalities located in the area of influence of the port have visited a nursery.

The APIVER has produced two million trees and plants that have been donated to various programmes of reforestation in this nursery.

The UMA nursery produces 200 thousand Annuals of forest products, floral, medicinal, timber and adornment for the reforestation programs in school gardens.

The donation of plants and trees in schools seeks to educate students on environmental culture and encourage them to work in actions in favour of the protection and care of environment.


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