For Apiver is Collaborators


Veracruz, View., October 3rd , 2012.- Whit the objective of  stimulating the job based on ethnical principles that may contribute the establishment  of shared commitments well defined institutional  goals and continues services  improvement, the Port of Veracruz Administration presented its Code of conduct.

Gathered last Friday, September  28th , in the Port of Veracruz  Business Development  Center Apiver, delivered to all the collaborators  that Code of Conduct in which area highlighted  the duties  and commitments that  “as a worker  and public server we must practice for the full  exercise  of our  functions”.

The General Director , Juan Ignacio Fernandez,  highlighted that the Apiver  Code of  Conduct  is founded  in the Code of Ethics  for Public Service  from de Federal Public Administration.

Through message, to all the collaborators  gather in the auditorium, said that this Code of Conduct  represents Apiver is ideology, its content  emphasizes values such as honesty, unity, commitment, loyalty, service  and integrity.

Firma Apiver y Ferrovalle acuerdo para crear corredor multimodal

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