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For health emergency in Veracruz

Veracruz, See. 8 may 2014.- The port of Veracruz, It established a plan of actions for the detection time of any important international public health emergency (ESPII).

The program seeks to improve the procedures to deal with a public health emergency at the port in accordance with practices and standards recommended by the World Health Organization.

It corresponded to the doctor José Valente Aguilar Zinser, Director General of preventive medicine in the transport of the SCT, agree with authorities and the port community of Veracruz the necessary measures to prevent the spread of any disease of epidemiological importance.

Gather in the center of development of business of the administration port Integral de Veracruz (APIVER) with members of the port community, He explained that the program seeks to improve the plans to deal with a public health emergency.

The captain of the port, APIVER and social enterprises, They agreed to develop and implement basic actions to deal with an emergency according to the international regulations of the who.

Veracruz is the first port in assessed and establish a regulatory Committee to implement the procedures and guidelines of the OSM, but the program will be extended to all national ports.

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