Advance construction of the Beltway railway

Veracruz, Ve., 01 March of the 2013.- In order to facilitate the interconnection of services and port with other modes of transport infrastructure, the port of Veracruz advances in the construction of the Beltway railway to Santa Fe.

It is double track construction of 19.5 kilometers from the port area, passing through the area of logistics activities, up to the point of connection in Santa Fe, where two railway lines are connected: KCSM and Ferrosur.

The construction is moving ahead in the fourth of five stages, informed the Director General of the administration port Integral de Veracruz, Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carbajal.

He stressed the effort to improve the competitiveness of the port of Veracruz by extending the railway infrastructure and its connection to the area Center and North of the country to meet the needs in services of this type.

Also, He said that it seeks to decongest the current output by the Railway yard and taking advantage of having two private railway lines, promoting adequate conditions of competition, quality of services and costs.

In the same way trying to consolidate the railway infrastructure that drives the development of the logistics activities zone (ZAL), meet the future demand for port and improve the relationships to divert rail traffic that crosses the City currently.

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