Downloads MEDI-PORT system

Prerequisites to install the Medi-Port system

Check with that operating system Edition is currently working, the Medi-Port operates on Windows platform from editing until the Edition 8.Tambien XP is important to verify the type of system, This may be of 32 o 64 bits.

To know what is the type of system we press the WINDOWS key + the key pause and a window with system information.

Download and installation

Download the application from the following link:

To give click on the previous link, you will be shown a message that asks whether you want to save or run, Select the "Run" option with this system will be executed to perform the installation of the application and the corresponding directories to download your signed documents.

Printable formats, it is necessary to have installed on your computer a software called "Crystal Reports", below are two links where you can download depending on if the computer where you will install the Medi-Port is in 32 o 64 bits.

If your operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7

Right click the icon of "MEDI-PORT" which is on the desktop and select Properties, a window will appear as the following.

Make sure that the "Run this program as an administrator" option is selected,then start the system, which will be updated only if you require it.

Visit our demos how do documents for various procedures:

NOTE: In order to sign up in teams of 64 bits

File named "chilkatDotNet2.dll" is downloaded from the following URL and saves it in the folder where you have installed the MEDI-PORT system, for example:

"C:\Program Files (x 86)\APIVERMEDI-PORT"

Download of files: