Veracruz. 17 de Febrero de 2017.- Integrantes de la Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (COPARMEX) Veracruz, They toured the Seawall West and consisted progress in the construction of the New Port of Veracruz.

About fifty members of the business organization, previously, They held a meeting with the Director General of the Port Authority of Veracruz (APIVER) Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carbajal, in which they received all of the information about the works, its characteristics and its progress.

Led by its president, Juan Jose Sierra Alvarez, Veracruz entrepreneurs also toured the Logistics Activities Area (ZAL) which it will operate as Strategic Trade Zone.

"Some of the partners are discussing the possibility of joining forces to create strong companies and large scope, because we are aware of the dimensions that these works are and the benefits they bring to the city of Veracruz and the state itself ", Sierra Alvarez said.

"We are veracruzanos and as such we are seeing not stay out of development and growth, why we are here, because we are interested in whether there is a possibility that we also participate as investors ", said.



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