Placed first APIVER La Piñera theme park stone


Veracruz, View., 22 November of the 2010.- Within the framework of the start of the national conservation week, the Integral port administration of Veracruz (APIVER), He laid the foundation stone of the project theme park La Piñera, on a surface of 19 hectares in order to preserve nature and disseminate studies of coastal ecosystems.

Sitemap, that includes an investment of 14 million pesos,It will also serve as a space dedicated to temporary exhibitions, conferences and workshops, "with special emphasis on the environmental education of children, so that they can have a better understanding on climate change", said the Director-General of the APIVER, Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carbajal.

In this context, He added that APIVER has sown in the last five years 500 a thousand trees, operates three units of environmental management (UMAs) and maintains several programs to protect and conserve the natural resources that exist.

He explained that in the theme park La Piñera, at least four types of coastal ecosystems will be showcased, which can be visited through trails, creating a journey of a thousand 500 metres in length, which may be made of pedestrian way or in an electric mototren.

The tour will depart from the square, located in the extreme East of the set, run by roads adapted to the topography of the site and pavilions, bridges and a tunnel. In each square of the Park is considered the inclusion of rest areas, playground, Kiosk and cafeteria to make more pleasant the stay of visitors.

Fernandez Carbajal, He said that in addition has been planned the construction of a multi-purpose building, which consists of an area for temporary exhibitions and a classroom where they will be taught several courses of matters related to the environment.

It has also projected the installation of three towers viewpoint, arranged in the sites higher, in order to have a point of observation of the bird fauna of this area, as well as the city's port and urban landscape.

As the premise of design, will consider using references related to port facilities in order to give a character's identity with the port of Veracruz, said

They participated in the event: Elvira Carvajal Hinojosa, Director of park system Arrecifal Veracruzano; Manuel Molina Martinez, federal delegate of the SEMARNAT in Veracruz and Ainara Rementería Coello, President of the Environment Commission of the Congress of Local, as well as educational institutions and environmental organizations.

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