Veracruz, See. 09 August of 2016.- With the aim of promoting the development and integral education of the children of its employees the Port Authority of Veracruz, he made the fourth Summer Course this year had as its theme: “The historic port of Veracruz”.

Children carried out various activities in the areas of theater with the dramatization of legends port of Veracruz; music with the formation of a children's choir for the interpretation of music veracruzana; education and implementation of representative dances and plastic productions allusive to the theme porteña.

The event was attended by researcher and historian, Ricardo Montalvo Cañas, director of the Museum of the City, who she was responsible for the narration of legends port of Veracruz.

a guided tour of the Environmental Management Unit was also performed Punta Gorda (UMA) of this Entity with the participation of Hernandez Aponte Celso biologist where children participated in the event: “Tree planting two millionth”; tour of the nursery plants endangered, guided tour of the botanical route that included deciduous forest, median jungle subperennifolia, coastal dunes and wetlands.

Finally it took place the closing ceremony of the Summer in the auditorium of the Center for Business Development APIVER last 29 July this year where small showed what they learned through the following numbers: skit based on the legend of ” La Mulata de Cordoba”, address: Professor Ulises de la Cruz Balam Trujano; choir presentation: “Banaha”, address: Mtro. Miguel Angel Garcia Romero; danceable old Veracruz: fandango “The Iguana” Veracruz and current: Son Jarocho “the huateque”, address: Professor Rogelio García Fernández.




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