Civil Protection National Day


Veracruz, Veracruz, September 19th, 2012. – Due to the 27th anniversary of the 1985 Earthquake and to the objective of strengthen the culture of civil protection, an earthquake drill was successfully performed in the building of the Administracion Portuaria de Veracruz.

In this exercise took part the Fire Department of APIVER, the floor managers and the personnel who form part of the evacuation brigades of this entity.

The simulation occurred around the 13 hours when the evacuation alarm rang, more than 200 people evacuated the building while the brigades were entering.

The assistant manager of the Port Security of API Veracruz, Mr. Martin Rafael Romero Morales, reported that the programmed response time was fulfilled. He said that the practice was held in commemoration of the National Day of the Civil Protection and the 27th anniversary of the earthquake that struck Mexico City.

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