Veracruz, Ver.-21 de enero de 2016.- La Administración General de Aduanas, granted approval for the start of operations of the Logistics Activities Area (ZAL) under the Strategic fiscal regime (RFE).

The Director General of the administration port Integral de Veracruz, Juan Ignacio Fernandez Carbajal, He reported that the permission to start operations was granted in an area of 201.8 hectares which were marketed under the scheme of income for companies interested in operating under this regime installed there.

He added that the LAZ is located five kilometers from the current port, adjacent to the new port and the rail beltway to double track to Santa Fe .

Among other advantages the LAZ allow operation for a limited time, without paying taxes and countervailing duties, so that companies can: to elaborate, to transform, repair, to distribute, to stock, guard, display and sell goods or products.

He said that to achieve the authorization of the Ministry of Finance, through the Directorate General of Customs, requirements are met among which highlighted an inspection in which the Central Customs Directorate of Equipment and Infrastructure, He found that the APIVER "fulfilled each of the infrastructure elements, access roads, vigilance, equipment, control and security "RFE to start operations.

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