They arrive in Veracruz machines and cars for the new Metro line


Veracruz, View., 17 in August of the 2011.- The port operators from Veracruz, they performed successful maneuver of discharge of the first two wagons and seven machines for the transportation system 12 Metro.

The Tuesday morning 16 August, the Anet Dutch flag vessel arrived at the port of Veracruz, from Bilbao, Spain, with specialized freight.

The cars recorded a weight of 7.5 tons and machines 32 tons; they have 14 metres in length, 2.80 meters wide and 3.6 meters high.

The Administracion Portuaria Integral de Veracruz (APIVER), It was reported that the company Corporation Integral de Comercio Exterior, He made the unloading maneuver and so used a Gottwald crane with capacity of 100 tons of weight, backed with a "Spreader” for containers with special protection of load bars.

The transfer of cars and machinery to the Kings peace, in the State of Mexico, performed through the railway; Veracruz port operators hoped that in 20 days arrive another shipment and thus each period similar each other, to complete the 30 scheduled units.

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