Veracruz, See. 24 February 2016- Carlos Giralt Cabrales, Consul of Mexico in Philadelphia, He expressed confidence that the new weekly service Sealand Atlantic sea route for perishables contribute to increased trade between the northeastern United States and Mexico.

In a letter of thanks sent to Fernando Gamboa Rosas, Director General of Promotion and Port Administration of the General Coordination of Ports of the SCT and Juan Ignacio Fernández Carbajal, Director General of API Veracruz, considered that the sea route linking the ports of Veracruz and Altamira Philadelphia, so help is at first modestly to decongest the Mexico-US border and especially, will favor new economic ties, friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

He thanked some of the many individuals and organizations that contributed for more than two and a half years to make the project a reality Sealand Atlantic especially to company executives Sealand, "Who had the audacity to invest in a regular cargo service and straightforward and joins the northeastern United States with Mexican ports; far as we could ascertain, such a connection has not existed in the past 35 years; a fact that highlights the importance of the new route ".

Also, entrepreneur named Fred Sorbello, former president of the organization Ship Philly Firsts, who from the beginning became a great promoter of the idea and assistance to co-organize many meetings and to discuss the subject with countless partners.

Consul Carlos Giralt also recognized members of Ship Philly Firsts and its current president, Larry Antonucci; the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, including Sean Mahoney and Dominic O'Brien; a Erik Holt, Holt Logistics, company that operates the terminal Packer in Philadelphia and Todd Brown of Holt Logistics and other prominent members as Miriam Borja and Tom Mutz.

In parallel, We received the invaluable cooperation of the Mexican Foreign Ministry and our embassy in Washington, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, ProMéxico, the Ministry of Economy, SAGARPA, the state government of Veracruz and many other agencies,es, said.





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